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The Chef

Paul joined us here in the Killeen House in 1997 as Head Chef and has been part and parcel of the place ever since

He is a pretty unique Chef in many ways, most importantly in that the man is devoid of both ego and temper !!!

In all our years together, he has never flung a cleaver in anger, throttled an aspiring young trainee, or even slipped a dose of laxative into a grumpy Guest's soup!

In actual fact, he is so painfully nice, that we sometimes even try to have competitions to 'get his dander up!






He was born and raised in the City of Dublin. Therefore, he will be forever known as a Dub here in the Kingdom of Kerry!

It would be a nice story to say that Paul was deserted by cruel and heartless parents as a baby, and had to grow up tough and mean, and learn how to cook for himself (he's too honest to steal!), or die of starvation as a child

But the truth is that Paul's Mom was "and still is" a magnificent cook, and she passed her love and passion for food directly on to her darling little boy!

When he left school, Paul had a brief, 6 month flirtation with delivering mail around the streets of Dublin, including to the well renowned Dublin College of Catering

One day, he parcelled himself up and mailed himself and delivered himself to the College (without giving a return address!) and thus began his great affair with the Kitchens of the World.

His formalised culinary education was the base he built on, and through the years, he has managed to work in some of the finest Restaurants that Ireland (and therefore the World!) has to offer.

To say that Paul eats, drinks and sleeps food, is to understate his passion and commitment. To paraphrase the words of a famous sports Manager, food is not just a matter of life or death to Paul - it's much more important than that!!

He is constantly, pushing the envelope, trying out new dishes and mixing new flavours, changing presentations around, and all that kind of stuff that your average prima donna type Chef does except without all the artyfarty temper tantrums, and ego massaging that usually goes with it!

In fact, he is so pre-occupied with food, that we are still baffled as to how he managed not alone to meet, but also to court and to subsequently marry the beautiful Breda O'Donoghue, one of the fabled and legendary stunningly beautiful O'Donoghue Sisters from Kilgarvan, back in 2003. Paul and Breda are now the proud and doting parents of bouncing baby Ted, who will be the Head Chef of ROZZERS in 2023......

We are not going to tell you here that Paul is possibly one of the finest Chefs currently working in Ireland but we do cordially invite you to come along to ROZZERS Restaurant and check him out for yourself and we guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

We look forward to welcoming you